Can You Actually Get a Fence Into this Yard?

UnevenYardsOur customers are often a little bit dubious about whether or not their yards are suitable for fences. These are people with uneven property lines, hills, slopes, and other challenges which make it difficult to build a fence which marches in a straight line.

We’ve got good news for folks with lumpy, bumpy, and generally challenging yards. You absolutely can have a fence. You just need a custom fence contractor to install it for you.

We’ve done all sorts of creative things which look great and suit the yard you have. We’re adept at matching fence lines to uneven property lines without shrinking your available space. We enjoy the design process, and we enjoy the challenge, too.

Here’s the bad news–you absolutely can’t use some kind of DIY, big box store, panel fencing solution on those types of yards. That will only end in tears.

You’ll end up with fence sections that have huge gaps underneath them, gates that won’t close, shrunken yards or a host of other ugly situations which are bound to turn your fence into an eyesore. Of course, there are a lot of other reasons why big box store fences are a bad idea, anyway.

Want to know what we can do for your yard? Live in Mequon, Fox Point, or anywhere else in the Milwaukee metro area? Call us. We’ll come on out and see what you’ve got. Then we’ll offer you a free estimate. Your choices are limitless with us: wooden fencing, vinyl fences, aluminum fences, horse fences–you name it. Your yard is not an obstacle as far as we’re concerned.

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