Fence Styles – Exploring Your Options

CountryFenceSpring has sprung, and it’s time to get to work! If you’ve been looking to install or replace the fencing in your yard, we’ve got plenty of styles and materials for a long-lasting, high-quality, great-looking fence that your neighbors will envy for years to come.

Board on Board

Just like shadow box fencing, this style ensures that no matter where you stand, the fence is going to look great. The boards alternate on which side of the fence they’ve been placed and fixed, and the design and spacing of the boards allows for longer life.


A decorate style of fencing, the panels are built close and tight with convex arching running from post to post. Not only does it provide plenty of privacy, but it looks great!

Dog Eared

Another style of fence that provides plenty of privacy for your yard, the dog-eared fence style refers to the way the individual boards are cut. Rather than have straight rectangles, each end is dog-eared, meaning the edges are decoratively clipped.


Decorative and beautiful, lattice-work can be done for the entire fence if privacy is not an issue for your yard. If you need some privacy in some sections, though, lattice-work fencing can be installed as accents instead, livening up arches, gates, or some of the fence itself.

Lock Board

If you prefer a look that is tight, clean and uniform, then lock board is for you. These fences provide excellent privacy and stability.

Estate Plank

Clean and smooth are two words to describe this style of fence. It has all of the stability of lock board, but there are no horizontal boards to interrupt the sleekness of the fence boards.


As the name suggests, this style of fence offers a little more security than the other styles of fencing. The triangular points of each fence board strongly discourage anyone from trying to climb over it, while the tight array of the boards provides excellent privacy.


When you want a classic, warm, inviting look but want to mark off the boundaries of your yard, then the timeless picket fence may be just for you. It’s just enough to keep children or pets inside of your yard, or keep them out of restricted areas like pools or gardens.

But whatever style you’re looking for, give us a call! We can help you make a selection, and we offer reasonable prices and great craftsmanship.


  1. Barb McMullen says:

    I own a fence company in Glennie MI. I am trying to find a supplier for wood fence that is competent and reliable. Do you do that, or just put fences up.

    • A-1 Fence says:


      Thanks for your interest but we aren’t a wood supplier. We do mill our own wood for our own fences but we don’t supply wood to fence companies. Thanks.

      A-1 Fence

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