How to Fix a Fence Gate Latch

fence-gate-latchHave you been having trouble closing your fence gate latch? Do you find that it doesn’t latch properly or that young children and pets are pushing through your gate without much of a problem?

If you have a wooden fence then fixing your fence gate latch is no problem. You can quickly and easily modify your fence so that your gate not only latches properly, but closes automatically.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A power drill with a 5/16″ drill bit.
  • A flat head screwdriver
  • A gate latch cable.

A gate latch cable is a nice little piece of hardware even if your gate is closing properly. It allows you to open your gate from the opposite side.

So if your gate faces the neighbor’s side you’d be able to walk out of your gate from within your own yard rather than walking all the way around. You might want to do this project even if your fence latch is doing just fine!

Watching this video will help you understand the gate latch cable design a little bit better:

Here are the steps that you’ll need to fix your gate latch. Start by drilling a hole right above the point where the latch connects to the post.

Next, remove the spring cup and spring from the gate latch cable. Feed the cable through the hole. The steel clip goes towards the gate latch. The loop stays on the opposite side of the gate from the latch.

Next, restore the spring cup and spring to the gate latch side. The spring cup itself will pop right into the 5/16″ hole that you’ve made.

You can then pry open the clip on the gate latch with your screwdriver. You don’t want to go crazy here. You just need to open it up enough to slip it onto the latch.

Next, make sure your spring fits neatly into the spring cup and pull back gently on the loop to make sure the gate latch cable is in the proper place.

Now, test your gate to make sure it latches automatically when it closes and that it opens without difficulty. If it does, you’ve successfully fixed your gate latch!

If you’re more of a visual person you might enjoy this video from the “Weekend Honey Do List” which basically outlines the same process.

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  1. Steve Andruchow says:

    Where can I get such a cable system? This is all I need to complete my gate.

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