FAQ About Aluminum Fences

If you want to “fence it and forget it,” an aluminum fence is a great way to go. An aluminum fence doesn’t need much maintenance, is long-lasting, and will continue to look great for years while providing you with excellent security.

The only real disadvantage of an aluminum fence is they don’t generate the same level of privacy as some wooden fence styles. If you’re more concerned with protecting dogs, kids, or pool spaces they are a cost-effective option. They’re also a great option if security is your #1 concern. 

How much does an aluminum fence cost?

In general you can expect to pay $50 to $90 per foot, depending on the current cost of materials, any complications generated by your lawn, and other options you might choose.

We always give you the best quote we can give you based on all available factors. Call us to get a free, accurate quote, as it’s impossible to generalize for everyone during the course of a single blog post. 

Are aluminum fences good for dogs?

They can be. Dogs will chew a wooden fence but won’t chew a metal one. 

That said, you need to make sure your fence is designed with your dog in mind. If the gaps between the fence posts are too wide then your dog may be able to squeeze through them, or may get caught inside the fence trying. Your fence also needs to be deep enough that the dog can’t dig under it.

Fortunately, we custom-design our aluminum fences just like we custom design our wooden ones. You can easily talk to us about your dog’s breed and size and we can build your fence with those considerations in mind. 

Can an aluminum fence be painted? 

Absolutely. Many people won’t want to because painting means adding an extra layer of maintenance, but you can make your aluminum fence any color you want, as long as the right type of paint is available. 

You’re looking for an acrylic or latex paint specifically designed for use on metal. 

Painting aluminum is a multi-step process. Here’s a nice guide on how to do it, brought to you by Bob Vila

Will an aluminum fence rust?

Nope! Aluminum doesn’t rust. That’s one reason people love it so much. You get that “wrought iron” look with none of the wrought iron headaches.

Interested in installing an aluminum fence?

If you live in the Milwaukee metro area then speak to us about installing an aluminum fence today. We’ll get you started with a free, customized quote that takes all of your concerns into account.

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