Fall Bulb Planting Workshop

If you’d like to see beautiful blooms in your yard this spring then you’ve got to get some bulbs in the ground right now. October is the very best month to get bulbs planted!

Of course, if you haven’t had much luck with bulbs in the past then you might want a little bit of additional assistance. Fortunately, the Boerner Botanical Gardens are raeady to offer some help, if you happen to have a little bit of time to go see them on Thursday the 2nd.

They’re offering a class called “Fall Bulb Planting for Spring Blooms.” The class starts at 6:30 PM. They’ll talk about how to choose the best bulbs for our growing zone so that you enjoy the most success come spring. They will also talk about forcing bulbs to get indoor blooms as early as Januar and Feburary.

You’ll even get a bulb to bring home with you! Pot it, or make it the first of many in your garden.

Admission is $10 for Friends of the Boerner Botanical Gardens and $15 for others. You can click here if you’d like to register online.

With their help you are sure to enjoy some wonderful blooms this spring! Don’t forget that fall is a great time to get some trees in the ground as well. If you thought you had to stop digging in the dirt just because summer is now well and truly gone then this all ought to come as a pleasant surprise–at least, it will if you like to get out there!

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