Estate Plank Fences

Our Estate Plank Fences are privacy fences that offer smooth, unbroken flow of wood across the line of your property. They’re some of the best fences for privacy, offering clean, tasteful lines and a perfect screen against the noise and mess of the outside world.

We create each of these fences with 100% Northern White Cedar, milled a quarter inch thicker than competitor boards. Each fence is custom-designed to give you the look that matches your property to perfection. 

Are privacy fences good for dogs?

Absolutely. We can build yours flush to the ground so your dog can’t dig under it. If you don’t have dogs and want a slightly more open look we can raise the fence a little to leave a little space between the ground and the bottom of the fence.

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How tall can a privacy fence be?

It depends on where you live. Different towns in the Milwaukee Metro Area have different requirements. In some areas you can build your fence up to six feet tall, in others you will be given no more than four feet. There may be special considerations if you live on a corner property, or if you live in a Historic District.

When we start your project we will pull a permit with your local municipality which will give us the specs on how big your fence can be. We will happily pass this information on to you. While many of our customers would love to have the tallest possible fence we are all bound by the local laws.

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How much is a privacy fence?

It depends on how big your property is. It also depends on any customized needs you may have.

We offer all Milwaukee metro area residents a free estimate so you can find out exactly what the budget looks like. Once you lock in your estimate you don’t have to worry about us changing it on you. You can then plan accordingly. 

Call us to schedule yours today! We do build fences throughout the year so long as the ground is not frozen, and we do take Covid-19 precautions. 

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