Dog Eared Cedar Fences

Here at A1 Fence we custom-build fences in a variety of styles. Our most popular are different styles of wooden fences, which we build out of Northern White Cedar. 

We often get asked to build dog-ear fences because they combine privacy with a touch of class that turns backyard spaces into tranquil havens. There’s something about this fence style that communicates a sense of exclusiveness and understated artistry. 

What does “dog eared” fence mean?

Dog eared fences have slanted peaks running from post to post. The result is a sort of large, gentle wave that seems to roll over the top of the fence. The slats are built side-by-side without gaps to offer a privacy fence.

They offer an almost Zen-garden like atmosphere. They also provide a little security: they’re a little more difficult to climb over than a flat-topped fence would be, without forcing you to put up “fence spike” style deterrents.

How do you make a dog ear fence?

We use Northern White Cedar. We mill our boards right here in the shop, and ensure they’re a quarter-inch thicker than most competitors. We inspect our boards 3 to 4 times before we ever let them get to your job sites. 

We don’t use any prefabricated parts. We craft every fence in our workshop and there on your home site. You’ll see our pride in our craftsmanship shining through from the moment we start digging our post holes.

What is the best wood to use for a fence?

We choose Northern White Cedar because it does the best job of standing up to our climate here in Wisconsin. The oils trapped in Northern White Cedar make it naturally rot and mold resistant. It also helps to repel insects.

Some of our fences last up to 15 years as a result, almost twice as long as wooden fences built using other materials. You still have to maintain your fence, but it won’t fall apart after a few short years.

Want to get a free quote?

Live in our service area? We’re happy to swing by your house and give you a contactless free quote. Every member of our crew practices safe social distancing throughout the entire process.

Just call (262) 251-6766 to get started today. We serve homeowners as far north as Port Washington and Iron Ridge, as far west as Ashippun, and as far south as Big Bend. Basically where everywhere in the Milwaukee metro area, and we’re looking forward to helping you.

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