Container Gardening Tips for the Autumn Season

Container GardeningIt’s hard to believe, but autumn is fast approaching, and it will officially be here on September 23rd. There’s a lot to look forward to, especially here in Wisconsin, when the leaves shift from a deep, rich green to brilliant bursts of orange, scarlet and gold.

It doesn’t have to mean the end of the gardening season, though!

True, the plummeting temperatures mean that almost all of your plants will enter a period of dormancy or die off, but with container gardening, you can extend the life of your garden and add more color to your backyard.

Consider the Hardscape

The first important thing to keep in mind as you consider a container garden is the look of your house and landscaping. Without the green leaves of trees and the foliage of shrubs and other plants, all of your fencing, rails, and walkways will become much more prominent. Choose containers and plants that won’t clash with these features.

Choose Very Hardy Plants

Falling temperatures and the first few frosts can kill plants that aren’t able to handle the cold, and up here in Wisconsin, it can get dreadfully cold. Take a look at your zone, and then choose plants which can tolerate two zones colder than your area.
Down here in Milwaukee, we’re in Zone 5B, meaning that you should aim for plants that can tolerate temperatures suitable for a Zone 3 area.

If you want to add plants that just don’t meet that standard, plant them in beds for overwintering or just bring the containers inside. Nothing says you can’t bring the green indoors!

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