Community Notice: The City of Wauwatosa Bike and Pedestrian Planning Initiative

Wauwatosa is launching an initiative to improve infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists. The city is going to do this by creating a Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Plan.

Of course, you might already be one of the Wauwatosa residents who regularly jumps on a bike for work or play. If so, you might be excited to learn about the planned infrastructure improvements which will make it easier for you to get around!

What’s more, you can help make your own cycling experience better. Wauwatosa has provided residents with an interactive map to assist in the planning process.

Before the city spends a bunch of money on new sidewalks, bike paths, and bike lanes they want to know where people are already riding and walking around town. You can actually comment on the map too, which will provide in-the-trenches information about problems or trouble spots.

If you choose to participate you’ll get a chance to ensure that the improvements actually work for everyone while addressing real barriers and problems. Of course, if you don’t currently walk or cycle the map will also provide you with a forum to discuss the issues that have kept you in your car thus far.

There’s also an event you can attend. The City of Wauwatosa is holding a public workshop to address the bicycle path improvements on Wednesday, May 1st from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. The location is to be announced at a later date.

We’ll keep tabs on the location for you and will let you know when a location has been chosen, or you can just check back on the City of Wauwatosa website. You’ll also get to address the “education, enforcement, encouragement and evaluation” efforts that are also part of the improvement plan.

We applaud Wauwatosa’s efforts to enact this eco-friendly commuting plan in their town, and look forward to seeing the results.

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