Choosing the Right Fence When You Sell Your Home

We recently attended the spring NARI home show, like we do every year. One of the questions we found ourselves answering a great deal was whether or not a fence would help homeowners improve property values when it was time to sell. May, the month realtors suggest is the very best month to put a house on the market, is fast approaching, and so selling is on a lot of minds.

We aren’t sure it would be accurate to say that a fence adds anything to the dollar value of the home. If you’re trying to get your home to sell for a higher dollar amount you may be better served by putting a new roof on it. As Agent Kris Kellar notes, it only adds to the value of the home “if someone really wants the fence.”

However, a new fence may help your home sell faster by adding to the curb appeal of your home. With a few short caveats:

Choose a style that matches your home.

Got a charming Colonial? A picket fence might be the best choice, as it will evoke an emotional response. Got a Victorian? Wrought iron is traditional, but aluminum is a cheaper alternative that won’t take away from the home’s appeal.

What you don’t want to do is slap a vinyl fence onto a stately historical home, or put a giant aluminum security fence around a lovely cottage. Make sure that the fence adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the place. While all our fences look great, some styles may still seem a little “off” when paired with some houses.

Curb your creativity.

Sure, we can put up some pretty cool looking fences. A sleek convex wave can be a lot of fun, and makes a great, whimsical addition to a house you plan to stay in for awhile. But it will only appeal to certain personalities. If your goal is to sell fast, you’re better served by getting something more generic.

Look at the rest of the curb appeal first.

Hey, we can’t wait to install a fence for anyone, but if your siding is falling off the home, if the flower beds are all dead and if your driveway’s a cracked mess a new fence isn’t going to help you impress anyone. Put up a fence to complete an overall picture you’re selling. Evoke lazy afternoons in the back yard after you’ve put together a back yard (and a front yard!) worth looking at and spending time in.

Avoid privacy fences.

People love privacy fences when they move into homes. When they’re looking they subconsciously associate privacy fences with hiding things. Just put up a regular fence that can keep kids and pets in while making the home look great.

Don’t wait till May.

We get pretty booked by the time those warm summer months start. If you want to put in a new fence prior to selling your home you might want to call us now. We install fences from the moment the ground melts enough to let us drive the posts in. Our current weather here in the Milwaukee metro area isn’t exactly balmy, but it’s well above freezing. We’re primed and ready to go if you’re ready to get the job done.

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