Cedar Convex Fence Installation

A “convex” style cedar fence lets you combine 100% back yard privacy with a touch of whimsy and personality. It refers to the top of the fence, which will rise and fall in gentle curves.

While many of our customers want us to build them fences with curves that are absolutely uniform, some opt for a more customized, irregular “wave” style look. The benefit of working with a custom fence company like ours, of course, is that you get the flexibility to make these kinds of decisions.

What kind of cedar is used for fencing?

While both red cedar and white cedar can be used for fencing, we use only Northern White Cedar. It’s the wood that’s best-suited to withstanding our harsh Wisconsin winters. 

White cedar also lasts a lot longer. Its natural oils are a lot stronger, making it a superior choice. 

How many years does a cedar fence last?

It depends on whether you treat your fence or not. If you leave Northern White Cedar to its own devices it can last for 10 years, but if you take care of it then it can last 20 years or even longer. We mill our boards thicker than our competition, too, which means our fences last even longer.

If you don’t like a grey cedar fence then you’ll need to treat it within two weeks of its initial installation. Your fence will also turn grey if it isn’t treated often enough, but the good news is you can restore them if that’s the case. 

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Should you treat a cedar fence?

Treating your cedar fence keeps it from developing mold and discoloration. It also keeps the wood from “checking,” or developing a cracked appearance. While some do love the silvery grey appearance of aged cedar, many don’t, and treating can prevent this problem as well.

We recommend an annual pressure wash and a coat of oil-based stain to take care of your fence each year. 

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Is a cedar convex fence right for you?

We’ll be happy to build one for you! If you live in the Milwaukee metro area, give us a call. We’ll give you a free estimate on your new convex cedar fence, and will work with you to give it the look you desire.

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