Cedar Board on Board Fence Installation

A board on board fence comes with a lot of unique advantages. First, they offer outstanding privacy because they typically fill all the gaps between fence boards. They’re also visually appealing and they go with most home styles.

Another advantage of installing a cedar board on board fence is that they offer incredible strength and security. They’re tall, difficult to climb, and sturdy, which means intruders are likely to ignore your yard, going in search of a softer target instead.

Then there’s all the benefits of cedar itself: insect resistance, rot resistance, mold resistance, and of course that amazing cedar smell. As a result, these are some of the most popular fences we install here in our Milwaukee metro service area. 

What does board on board fence mean?

Our crew creates a “board on board” fence by driving sturdy central wood posts into the ground, then attaching custom-created cedar fencing panels on either side. This creates a vertical layering effect that is very pleasing to the eye, sturdy, and private. 

You get an overlapping pattern that can be created in a variety of different ways. They’re easy privacy fences to build, which means you turn your back yard into a lovely, safe enclave in an extremely cost-effective fashion. 

How do you calculate board on board fences?

The team here at A1 Fence have been installing these fences for years and handle these calculations in our sleep. Our crew subtracts the board overlap from the width and then divides it by the intended length of the fence.

We then multiply the number of slats by the height of the fence.

This tells us exactly how much material we need to build your board on board fence, and is the calculation we’ll use when we put together your free quote. 

Will cedar fence boards shrink?

A little. It’s natural for cedar boards to shrink as they dry. Our team accounts for natural shrinking when we build your fence, and ensure that the privacy slats will not swell or shrink enough to damage your fence or reduce your privacy.

In fact, the natural shrinkage of a cedar fence board is one major reason why you do not want to DIY your own fence. Many DIYers and inexperienced, unprofessional fence builders fail to account for natural shrinkage. The result is a fence that warps, twists, moves, and falls down over time. Get expert help if you want to take advantage of all of the benefits of natural Northern White Cedar!

How much is a board on board fence?

A lot is going to depend on the shape and size of your yard. Typically our quote will be somewhere between $11 and $16 per panel. We custom create your fence so we don’t have a base, fixed price to give you.

Nevertheless, measuring perimeter of your fence will give you a rough estimate. If it seems like it’s going to be in your budget then you can call us to get a free, no-excuses estimate that won’t change as we work on your fence.

Check out our service area to see if we build fences in your part of the Milwaukee metro area! We get as far west as Sullivan and Palmyra, as far north as Iron Ridge and Port Washington, and as far south as Wind Lake. 

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