Lock Board Fences

A lockboard fence.

A lock-board fence is one of the sturdiest privacy fences money can buy. Each board fits together in tongue-and-groove style to create an unbroken, uniform look. Your yard gets completely sealed away from the outside world, turning it into the perfect staging area for creating a hideaway your whole family will love. These are some of the most popular fences we build. They’re well-suited to withstanding Wisconsin’s wind and weather, and they are exceptionally classy. They fit nicely into the local character of almost all of our local neighborhoods, too!  How long will my lock-board cedar fence last? The northern..

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Lattice Fences

If you want to combine outstanding privacy, beauty, and utility then a lattice fence is the way to go. This is one of our most popular fence styles because of its beauty. Our customers have enjoyed both the full-lattice option and the partial-lattice option. The one that’s right for your home will depend on your long-term needs. If you want more privacy, go for a partial lattice. If you want the utility and the ability to use your fence as a trellis which supports plantlife, then the full lattice option is better. Here are a few of the questions we..

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Dog Eared Cedar Fences

Here at A1 Fence we custom-build fences in a variety of styles. Our most popular are different styles of wooden fences, which we build out of Northern White Cedar.  We often get asked to build dog-ear fences because they combine privacy with a touch of class that turns backyard spaces into tranquil havens. There’s something about this fence style that communicates a sense of exclusiveness and understated artistry.  What does “dog eared” fence mean? Dog eared fences have slanted peaks running from post to post. The result is a sort of large, gentle wave that seems to roll over the..

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