What is a “Spite” Fence?

spite fence dispute

For the most part, a fence is just a fence – a pleasing addition to your yard or landscaping. It may keep dogs in or keep neighborhood kids away from your pool, but there’s generally nothing more to it than that. There’s another type of fence, however, one that could become a real problem. They’re called spite fences. A spite fence is a fence that is built for the sole purpose of annoying your neighbor. Most spite fences are ugly, built way too high for code, and don’t serve any reasonable or useful purpose. They may be designed to “block..

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Which Type of Swimming Pool Fence is Best?

swimming pool fences

Swimming pool fences are required by law here in Wisconsin for any homeowner who wants any kind of pool on their property. Like any type of fence, different types of pool fences offer many different advantages and disadvantages. First, ask yourself a few questions. Is it more important to maintain your privacy or is it more important to have a nice view of the area? Are aesthetic concerns more important to you or would you rather focus on keeping your pool fence low-maintenance? What are your local requirements? Here are a few of the best options when installing a fence..

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7 Popular Types of Wood Privacy Fences

7 wood privacy fences

A wood privacy fence is a great way to protect your home and family, especially if you have children or animals. Children can play without fear that they will wonder off or that someone will harm them, and you can keep animals without worrying whether or not they’ll run off. Privacy fences also offer peace of mind by making it harder for a criminal to gather information about, or gain access to, your property. This means that your home is much safer. Psychologically, privacy fences help to keep prying neighbors out of your business. They can truly turn your..

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