What are the Advantages of an Aluminum Fence?

aluminum fence milwaukee

Aluminum fences can give your home an “old-world” feel without all of the problems and issues that come with a wrought iron fence. If you enjoy the look and feel of aluminum you may be pleased to discover that the material offers lots of other advantages as well. First, aluminum never rusts. Wrought-iron fences rust because they’re iron, but aluminum has no such problems. Wrought-iron is a little tougher in that it’s harder to dent, but that’s relative. However, they’re both metal. Neither one of them dent that easily in the first place. In fact, some scientific estimates say..

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How To Manage a Boundary Fence With Your Neighbor

boundary fence

Sometimes when a fence is built it is located right on the property line. This means that both neighbors own the fence and both can use the fence. When you share a boundary fence, however, you don’t just share the use of the fence. You also share a portion of the responsibility for the care and upkeep of that fence. In a best-case scenario, you and your neighbor would get along well and would be able to come to some agreement on how you will meet these shared responsibilities. If you bought your property only to find out you share..

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What is a “Spite” Fence?

spite fence dispute

For the most part, a fence is just a fence – a pleasing addition to your yard or landscaping. It may keep dogs in or keep neighborhood kids away from your pool, but there’s generally nothing more to it than that. There’s another type of fence, however, one that could become a real problem. They’re called spite fences. A spite fence is a fence that is built for the sole purpose of annoying your neighbor. Most spite fences are ugly, built way too high for code, and don’t serve any reasonable or useful purpose. They may be designed to “block..

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