5 Privacy Fence Landscaping Ideas

privacy fence landscaping ideas

Privacy fences are wonderful, but sometimes you really need some good landscaping ideas to keep them from making your yard look too enclosed and too small. The fence itself can become tedious to the eye, even if it’s very beautiful (like one of our Northern White Cedar fences). Of course, we know that we’re all still staring at snow. But spring comes faster than you think it will, and it’s great to think about how you might spruce up your yard in advance so that you’ll be ready when winter is finally over. Here are 5 different ways that..

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Can I Trim My Neighbor’s Tree?

Wooden fence with overhanging trees

When you inspect your fence for winter, one of the things that we’ve advised you to look for are overhanging tree branches. It’s easy enough to deal with overhanging branches when the trees that produce them are in your own yard. Sometimes, however, the overhanging branches will be coming from your neighbor’s tree. What do you do then? According to FindLaw.com, you actually are allowed to trim your neighbor’s tree branches if they extend over your property line. However, you do have to be careful to..

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How to Avoid Fence Disputes

how to avoid a fence dispute

They say “good fences make good neighbors.” Usually that’s true – but only when your fence doesn’t turn your neighbor into an enemy. After all, in some states fences can affect property rights. And if you don’t take care of your fence your neighbor still has to look at the eyesore. So how can you stay on your neighbor’s good side? Here are three guidelines. Always Get a Survey Some municipalities absolutely require a survey before you build a fence. For example, Whitefish Bay, Shorewood, and other municipalities in the local Milwaukee area all require surveys before you can even..

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