Caring for Evergreens in November

EvergreenEvergreens are a lovely part of your winter landscape. They also help you combat road noise all year long.

However, evergreens do need a little bit of TLC if they’re going to make it through the winter. That’s why you need to add evergreen care to your list of November landscaping projects.

November Watering

It’s a good idea to water the soil around your evergreens from now until the ground freezes. This prevents dessication, also known as “winter burn.” Dessication means your trees dry out and lose needles–hardy as they are, evergreens are still plants who need plenty of water.

You’ll want to water to a depth of 18 to 24 inches in order to get the best results.


Mulch your evergreens as you complete your other fall mulching projects.

This will help you keep the soil around your evergreens moist, and it will continue to help you combat dessication.

What about planting?

It’s late to plant new evergreens. You can get them in the ground in early fall, but it’s too late now that we’re well into November. Fortunately, you’ll have another chance in a few months–evergreens can be planted in the spring, too.

What if dessication begins?

You have some options if winter dessication begins in spite of your best efforts. One method is to apply a product called “Wilt Proof” to any tree which looks like it might be in danger.

Wilt-Proof is a polymer made out of liquid pine oil. It won’t hurt your plants, but it does help them hold in additional moisture.

Hopefully this information will help you keep your evergreens beautiful and healthy this year!

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