Autumn Fence Maintenance

autumn-fence-maintenanceAutumn is well and truly here! That means it’s time to check your fence.

Winter will be here soon enough, and it will be doing everything it can to beat down your fence. (See: 4 Tips on How to Protect a Wood Fence in Winter).

Your fence will get its best shot at surviving the harsh winter weather unscathed if you take the time to check its condition now. If there are problems, you’ll want to get them repaired right away, before the first snows fall.

Start by checking each of the posts. Are they stable or wobbly?

Next, check the fence rails. On a wooden fence, rails can tend to rot where they join up with the posts. You’ll want those rails replaced before the rot can spread.

Now, check the plants around your fence. Do a little judicious pruning if things are starting to get a bit overgrown. You want to do what you can to discourage moisture from getting trapped next to your fence.

The pruning is not as important if you have a vinyl fence or an aluminum fence. You can just double-check that those fences are in good shape and that the posts are stable and be good to go. Wood fences are the touchiest, and require the most maintenance. And you will absolutely want to keep the water away from that wood.

You might also want to get your fence stained if you’ve neglected the task all summer long. Your fence may have more or less made it through the summer unscathed, but it’s not going to make it through the winter without the moisture protection that stain can offer.

If you live in Wauwatosa, Shorewood, Mequon or anywhere else in the Milwaukee metro area and your fence isn’t ready for winter, contact us. We can repair or replace your fence so that it stays nice even while the snows are raging outside. We do install in winter until the ground freezes, so contact us today for a free estimate.

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