August is the Month for Addressing Unhappy Lawns

Sowing grassHas your lawn become a mess of bare patches and brown spots over the course of the summer? You can fix this, but only if you act now: August is the best month for lawn renovation.

Lawn renovation in August gives your lawn time to take and will help ensure a nice, beautiful lawn.

You’ll need to start by figuring out the source of your problem. Grubs are a common lawn killer here in the Milwaukee metro area. You’ll need to get a grub control product down before you do anything else. This handy guide from the Milwaukee County Extension does offer some suggestions.

Once you’ve dealt with the root cause of your lawn problems (no pun intended) you’ll want to give your lawn a fresh start. This basically means spraying your entire yard down with a herbicide like Round-Up to kill whatever’s still holding on. When it comes to lawns its better to start from scratch.

Once all the grass is dead, mow it, then rake it down. You want to get rid of as much of the old grass debris as possible. Once you’ve got all that up you can spread fresh compost over your yard to act as a natural fertilizer for your new grass seed.

Once that’s done, you can put your seed down at last! We recommend getting a hearty seed like Stein’s Enhanced Seed, which has been specifically designed to withstand our harsh Wisconsin winters. Use a seeder for best results–it will spread the seed evenly, which is the key to avoiding bare spots when the lawn grows in.

Make sure to water the yard periodically so that it gets its best shot at giving you that lush, full, green growth. You can fertilize too–but you want to see an inch of growth or more before you do. Otherwise the fertilizer can actually kill your grass. Be sure to avoid mowing until the lawn reaches a height of about 3 inches.

You can breathe a sigh of relief when it’s time to mow. By this point you should have a healthy, happy new lawn that you can treat like any other lawn.

We don’t help with lawns, but we will border your gorgeous new lawn with a gorgeous new fence. We’re you’re Milwaukee area fence contractors. Call us today for a free estimate!

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