Another Way to Remove Mold on a Wooden Fence

Anything that’s made of wood can be prone to mold, especially when the weather turns wet. That’s why we gave you some ideas for removing mold from a fence in one of our previous posts. We’ve also talked about how to prevent snow mold.

However, we apparently missed at least one simple and inexpensive mold-cleaning method: OxiClean. It looks like it works pretty well, so we thought we’d share this information. Check out the results and the method in the video below.

Though we haven’t tried it ourselves yet, it looks like one really big advantage of using OxyClean is that it won’t damage your grass. However, we’d still recommend tying back your most valuable plants before you begin, just in case. If you forget, you can just use OxiClean’s own recommendation, which is to simply rinse your plants off very thoroughly with your hose before wrapping up for the day.

These methods should all work on your wooden gazebos and pergolas as well.

Remember, if you let mold take over your fence will smell awful. It will look dank and ugly. It will also rot a lot faster. Getting rid of mold as fast as you can is critical if you want to maintain your investment and keep your yard nice. If you let mold attack you’ll have to replace that fence sooner or later!

Can you think of another mold-busting trick that we haven’t covered yet? Let us know in the comments below! Let’s help everyone in the Milwaukee metro area keep their fences clean, pretty, and bright.

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