3 Garden Gadgets and Apps for Folks with Brown Thumbs

Wilted Pot PlantMost homeowners really want a beautiful landscape. But some people are too busy or too forgetful to really care for those plants as one should.

Technology to the rescue! There are now several “smart” gadgets which will help you keep your garden in good shape.

1. The Droplet Sprinkler

This gadget is already hot, and it hasn’t even left the pre-order stage yet. It’s a robot which understands what needs to be watered in your yard…and what doesn’t.

You tell it what’s in your yard and where it is. It gathers weather data from the Internet so it doesn’t, say, water your plants the day after a thunderstorm.

The device then gives plants exactly as much water–or as little water–as they need to thrive on any given day: no more, and no less.

2. Plant Link

This gadget still requires you to water the plants yourself. It may be a good choice for someone who enjoys the outdoor work but who needs a little bit of guidance to get optimal results.

The gadget goes into the soil of each plant or lawn area. You tell it which plant it’s dealing with. It sends you a watering schedule so you never have to guess.

3. Garden Time Planner App

Start with your zip code. Tell the app what you want to plant.

The app will tell you when to start seeds indoors and when to move plants outdoors. There are thousands of plants in the database to choose from, so there’s a good chance you’ll find whatever you want to add to your landscape.

Who knows? With the help of these green thumb technologies you might just never be a brown thumb again!

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