5 Wisconsin Trees to Avoid Planting

trees-to-avoidHere at A1 Fence we spend a lot of time thinking about wood and trees. Usually, trees offer a great way to enhance a yard and to block road noise. However, there are some trees to avoid – trees that, if planted, can cause you some real headaches.

1. Silver Maple

The silver maple is brittle, which makes it a risky tree. Storms tend to snap this tree’s limbs very quickly.

If you skimp on your mowing you can also find the shallow roots popping up in unexpected places. This could wind up damaging your lawnmower.

People sometimes plant the silver maple anyway because it grows really fast. If you decide to do so, minimize the damage by keeping it away from both your home and your fence.

2. Any Ash Tree

Wisconsin has been engaged in a long battle with the invasive species known as the emerald ash borer. Any ash that you decide to plant is therefore at risk.

If you already have an ash tree, make sure you know the symptoms of an emerald ash borer infestation. You may need a certified arborist to deal with the problem.

3. Quaking Aspen

Another tree that might just turn into an expensive failure. This tree is quite prone to diseases and is attractive to troublesome insects.

Even a healthy aspen tree will die in just 20 years, which makes it a poor investment for long-term enjoyment.

4. Black Walnut

If you’re a huge fan of walnuts, the headaches of this tree may still outweigh the rewards.

First, the tree is pretty messy. The walnuts can become a nuisance. It also likes to drop a lot of other twigs and debris within its immediate radius, which can become a problem.

That’s because you can’t just leave all this stuff to sit around your yard. Every part of the black walnut tree produces a toxic chemical called a “juglone” that is fatal to other plants.

In fact, the University of Wisconsin Extension released a rather long list of plants that can’t be grown near a black walnut tree. They recommend that you take special care to avoid planting one of these if your yard is very small.

5. Box Elder

Those little helicopter seeds might have been fun to play with when you were a kid, but they probably won’t be much fun for you now that you have a lawn to deal with. They get everywhere, defying gutter guards and messing up pools.

As a side note, maple trees (all maple trees) also produce these annoying little seed copters.

Locating Other Options

If you’re looking for some good native trees to plant, why not take a moment to consult the University of Wisconsin Herbarium? You’ll find a comprehensive list of species along with descriptors of each species’ characteristics, allowing you to make an informed decision about which trees will find new homes in your yard – and which won’t.

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