5 Ways to Turn Your Yard into a Vacation Spot

vacation yardWouldn’t it be nice to have a spot to “go on vacation” nearly every day for as long as the weather stays warm? Set up your back yard just right and you practically can. Your yard can become a haven of relaxation and fun.

Start by giving yourself some privacy, perhaps by installing a beautiful new Northern White Cedar fence. You might also add a gazebo or pergola to add the perfect viewing spot or outdoor room to your yard. But what else can you do?

1. Add lighting.

Landscape lighting can really make a difference. For one thing, it makes your yard a far more pleasant and safe place to be at night.

Low voltage lighting is usually the best bet. Solar landscape lights really haven’t progressed enough yet to offer much brightness. You’re better off putting panels on your home if you want solar powered landscape lights.

2. Add a firepit.

Add a firepit for roasting marshmallows, telling tales, or just hanging out. It will make every night feel like a camp-out, except that you get to sleep in a bed instead of in a tent.

Add some built-in seating around the fire pit and you get a little slice of heaven on earth.

3. Add something fun.

A pool or a Jacuzzi are both great for summer fun, but you have other options if these items are just not in the budget.

Add a badminton or volleyball net. Try croquet, or even a game of lawn soccer. Even one outdoor game can give your yard a dose of something special.

4. Use native plants.

Spending a lot of time on yard work can sort of suck the fun right out of your yard, unless you really enjoy that sort of thing. Native plants spare you that fate because they require less attention and less water. They also attract birds and butterflies, which means you can fill your garden with vibrant sights and soothing sounds.

5. Invite some friends!

Nothing says “vacation” like entertaining in your back yard. Fire up your grill, put on some tunes, and get others out there to enjoy the day. Make it a summer to remember by sharing your slice of paradise with the people you love!

If you live in Wauwatosa, Whitefish Bay, or anywhere else in the Milwaukee metro area, call us. We’ll help you take the first steps towards creating a vacation landscape by giving you a free quote on your new fence, gazebo, or pergola.

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