5 Outdoor Privacy Screen Ideas

The traditional image of a fence is of a structure that surrounds the entire back yard perimeter. However, sometimes people choose to focus on a smaller area of the yard to build a little privacy. Blocking a deck, outdoor dining area or small meditation garden can become the solution when city regulations or your own sense of style keep you from building a larger fence project.

Privacy screens can even become an outlet for your creativity since there are many ways to give yourself the sense of an outdoor “nook.” Here are 5 outdoor privacy screen ideas to consider…

#1: Build a Partial Fence

Simply building an attractive partial fence around the desired area can become an excellent solution to your problem. One of the most popular styles would be the “trellis” style fence. Allowing plants to grow over the trellis gives you a charming country garden look and feel that surrounds you with natural beauty while avoiding the appearance that you’re trying to hide from the world. This is one of the classier and more permanent ways to achieve privacy screening.

#2: Plant Shrubbery

Thick shrubbery plants or layers of taller and shorter plants can give you the privacy you need without the permits you’re trying to avoid. They also provide a welcoming atmosphere while providing some privacy. Here in Wisconsin, the most popular type of shrub is the evergreen such as the old standby, Arborvitae.

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#3: Creatively Use Shutters

Old shutters that have been repainted and re-purposed can provide temporary privacy shielding for parties and gatherings. This type of privacy fence can be picked up and put away after the party is all over with. Using shutters gives you an artsy, Martha Stewart-creative appearance while helping you find a home for something that might not have been useful in any other context.

#4: Get Hip to Wicker

Wicker privacy screens are another great option. Wicker stands up to the elements with little problem at all if you forget to put them back in your garage when you’re done with them. It’s also attractive and lightweight. There are lots of neat colors and designs to choose from too.

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#5: Relax Behind A Container Garden

There are many ways to build creative container gardens which keep the neighbor’s eyes off of your space while giving you a pleasant, jungle-like atmosphere. Some people opt for tall containers with big plants in them while others opt for containers that are built across panels, like rails, to hold flowers, vines, or even herbs. The one drawback to this solution for people in the Milwaukee area is that the plants don’t survive our winters.

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