5 Landscape Lighting Tips

outdoor lightingOne of the things you can do to make your home look amazing is to invest in outdoor lighting. It has the added benefit of helping you to create a home where you can enjoy yourself at any time, day or night, so long as the weather stays warm.

Here’s how you can do just that, and get terrific results.

#1) Know your Watts.

It’s important to know exactly how much lighting power you’ll need to light up your outdoor life. Fortunately, there’s a simple formula.

Take your square footage and multiply it by 1.5. That’s the number of watts you’ll need for an effective landscape lighting scheme.

#2) If you can’t light up anything else, light up the walkway.

Lighting up the walkway accomplishes two ends. First, it makes your home look extremely inviting at night, projecting a warm, welcoming air that guests and neighbors will love. You’ll love it too, because you’ll get to see it whenever you come home at night.

Second, it makes your driveway and walkway safer, which can prevent serious trip and fall injuries.

Don’t rely on solar lights…they sound good in theory but rarely collect enough power to provide any useful light. Instead, use power-saving low-voltage LED lights to light your path. If you’re not sure how to install it, speak to a local electrician.

#3) Play with exterior wall hangings.

Check out this LED sconce light that is meant to hang on the exterior wall of your home. Adding decorations like these can help you highlight parts of your landscape, add visual interest, all while offering some safety and security by lighting up portions of your home which might otherwise stay shadowed.

Not many people think to use these, so they’re a good choice if you’re going for a unique look.

#4) Don’t forget your pergola or gazebo.

This is your outdoor gathering space, so make sure it’s as inviting as possible with warm, gentle light.  

Weatherproof outdoor string lights are ideal for this purpose. Used correctly, they create an almost magical space. Who wouldn’t want to spend a few hours visiting with family members and friends in such a gorgeous place?

Don’t have either of these things? You could also string the lights along the perimeter of your yard by using your fence.

#5) Don’t forget security lighting.

One of the biggest reasons to add lighting is to make your home safer. While motion-activated porch lights and garage lights don’t do much to add to your landscaping, they can make your home a harder target.

Need a fence, pergola, or gazebo to make your backyard more magical?

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