5 Wisconsin Landscaping Blogs that Will Really Knock Your Socks Off

BlogsWow, has the weather ever gotten nice! It’s like spring stamped it’s foot, pulled out a baseball bat, and knocked winter halfway around the world.

It is definitely time to start thinking about some serious gardening. And that means you’re going to need some serious garden resources.

That’s why we took a moment to go see which Wisconsin gardeners and landscape artists were out there blogging about their adventures. We found five places that we just want to visit again and again, and we thought we’d take a moment to share them with you.

WisconsinGarden.com – This is a video blog, and what a video blog! You’ll find over 575 videos here. They’re all packed with tips and tricks on a wide variety of topics, from designing your landscape on a budget to pruning peach trees.

Obsessed Midwest Gardener – You’ll find plenty of pictures here which will help you develop tons of great gardening ideas.

Tom’s Blog – This blog is found on the pleasant valley conservancy site, which means you’re going to get more technical information. A good place to go if you’re looking for something a bit meatier.

The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener – Another great video blog. As the title implies, it focuses almost exclusively on the art and science of growing vegetables.

Wisconsin Gardening – Less a blog, more a magazine site run by “State by State Gardening.” Nevertheless, it’s jam packed full of useful articles and attractive photographs.

Enjoy yourself as you go through these sites! And don’t forget, the Wisconsin Realtor’s Home and Garden Show is this weekend. It’s a great place to get some live, hands-on ideas too. Who knows? Maybe you’ll see some of these awesome bloggers there.

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