4 Reasons 2018 is the Year You Should Finally Get That Fence

On the fence about getting a fence? You’re not alone. Everyone wants to make sure they’re prioritizing their home improvement budgets correctly.

Still, if you’ve been putting off this particular home improvement for years now this is a great time to take the plunge. Here are four reasons to get the fence you’ve been dreaming of this year, instead of putting it off to 2019. Be sure to share these with your spouse if he or she is the one who is “on the fence!”

#1 You deserve a backyard oasis.

Stressed? Worn out?

A fence can help you create a new haven, one in the beautiful landscape of your backyard. Yes, you might have a perfectly manicured lawn, beautiful flowers, some paving stones and some decent outdoor furniture.

But you’d be surprised how enclosing this space transforms a “yard” into a “garden.” And relaxing in the garden can make all the difference, making you feel refreshed and ready to tackle some of the challenges you’re facing.

#2 Your kids and pets will be safer.

Assuming you have either children or pets, this is an important concern.

Both kids and pets need plenty of outdoor space to run around in. You can give yourself some peace of mind by keeping that space enclosed. Older children may be able to open the gate and walk out, but you’d be surprised at how rarely they do.

Sometimes there is real value in seeing the boundaries.

#3 Enjoy some privacy.

Your nosy neighbor just came over to get into your business again? Ouch, we feel you.

Give your neighbors less to see and gossip about by making your backyard completely off-limits. Maybe he or she will finally find someone else to bother!

#4 Add a little curb appeal to your home.

Thinking of selling in the near future? While the jury’s still out on whether a fence will reliably add dollars to your selling price, it can help you sell faster by increasing your curb appeal. You and your realtor can help this process by helping buyers see the value of the fence itself.

Of course, this only works if you’ve put in a high-quality fence that’s made of the best materials available. You won’t help your case much if homeowners are staring at a cheap or unattractive fence. Fortunately, fantastic materials are all we ever use here at A1-Fence, and we custom-build your fence to match your home and yard.

If you live here in the Milwaukee metro area we’ll be happy to schedule an appointment for a free fencing estimate.

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