4 Mistakes Homeowners Make When Buying a Fence

Fences are an iconic part of homeownership. They can help you carve out a little outdoor sanctuary that’s all your own.

They can protect your children and your pets. If you have a pool, they protect the neighborhood kids, too.

But as simple and as straightforward as a fence might seem to be, building one does come with some common pitfalls.

Failing to research the property line.

You may think you know exactly where your property line is, but you should never assume. And you need to be thinking about building the fence just inside the line.

If you build it on or over the line, your neighbor has the legal right to demand that you rip it up again.

If that happens, you’ll be out all that time and money, and you’ll wait that much longer to have a fence. Speaking of which…

Failing to talk to the neighbors.

No, your neighbor doesn’t have the right to tell you that you can’t build a fence. But it’s just a really good idea to make them feel included in the decision.

We try to be considerate of all of your neighbors, but building a fence is a little noisy. You don’t want them fuming over that.

You also don’t want them squabbling over the property line when you could just show them that you’ve researched it. Or declaring that you’ve built a “spite fence,” which could embroil you in a legal battle.

You also don’t want your neighbor taking passive aggressive actions to damage your fence.

And for the most part, you’ll avoid all this if you just knock on the door and have a conversation first.

Failing to consider needs and lifestyle.

We adore northern white cedar fences, but we don’t recommend them to every customer. Some customers have demanding careers and busy lifestyles.

Northern white cedar fences require some maintenance. They don’t require a lot, but every now and then they need to be pressure washed and stained. In the winter, they need to be inspected.

People who have a busy lifestyle might do better with an aluminum fence. Or, if they want maximum privacy for the minimum amount of maintenance, a vinyl fence.

But if you’re happy to do the maintenance and you love the aesthetic and the smell of cedar, then you might not be excited about any other kind of fence. If that’s the case, then a vinyl or aluminum fence would be a terrible choice for you.

You have options and we custom create each fence we build. We’re excited to work with you to help install the fence that will make you happy for years.

Attempting to build it themselves.

Yeah, you could get a cheap fence building kit from your local big box store. But it won’t last long and it won’t be sturdy.

And if you don’t have a certain skill set, it won’t even look very good.

While you’ll have a lower up-front cost you’ll pay in lost time, and you’ll pay every time you have to address a problem with your shoddy, low-quality fence. You’ll also be right back at square one in just two to three years.

Our wooden fences last 7 to 15 years, and our aluminum and vinyl fences last even longer. And wouldn’t you rather sit in your house enjoying your weekend while we do all the work of building one?

It will cost less than you think. Contact us for a free estimate if you’d like specific numbers.


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