3 Outdoor Gazebo Lighting Ideas

outdoor-gazebo-lighting-ideasYour gazebo is a fantastic place to relax during the day, but what about at night? If you’d love to turn your gazebo into an enchanting evening getaway then you are going to need some lights. In this post we’ll share some outdoor gazebo lighting ideas.

Lighting your gazebo doesn’t have to be terribly difficult, and you do have several options to choose from. First, you have to decide between solar lights, battery-operated lights, and low-voltage wired lights.

Image Source: buzzle.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

1. Solar Lights

Solar lights are very easy to place and install. However, you will of course only get good use of them if the sun has been out during the day, which makes them a little risky.

You also have to be sure to put solar lights in the right place: somewhere that allows them to collect the energy they need. This can limit your options somewhat.

2. Battery Lights

Battery lights are a more reliable plug-and-play option. You can just flip them on and off and replace the batteries as needed.

3. Low Voltage Lights

You could also use landscape lighting on the ground, as in the video below. A ring of low-voltage garden spotlights around your gazebo could prove to be quite fetching if your gazebo is designed in a way that allows that light to come in.

Another idea is to have an electrician wire the gazebo, just as you would wire up another room in your home. This would let you plug in any kind of lamp that you wanted, or would allow you to install a hanging overhead light that uses a normal on-off switch installed somewhere into the structure of the gazebo.

Don’t forget to choose your lighting with an eye towards style, as well. There are dozens of lighting styles that can compliment both your gazebo and your landscaping.

If you’re looking for some more outdoor gazebo lighting ideas or design, check out this gorgeous collection of photographs from houzz.com.

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