Hey Wisconsin, It’s Mulching Season!

Mulch and Garden Tools

Putting down a layer of mulch in the fall season is quite beneficial to your landscape. It can help you control winter erosion, and it can help you protect the roots of your plants from temperature changes throughout the winter season. Why is it important to keep your root temperature consistent? The benefit depends on the plant. Some plants are made for our region, so you’re just keeping them in their natural state of dormancy. They’re likely to wake up during milder winter days if you don’t protect them, which means the plant grows weaker and could even die for..

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How to Remove a Vinyl Fence

White Vinyl Fence

Last week we talkd about how to get rid of an old wooden fence. Today, we’re going to talk about what you need to do in order to get rid of an old vinyl fence. The initial steps are going to be the same. Make sure the fence belongs to you. Get a permit for the removal of the fence. Call Miss Dig to make sure there are no buried utility lines near your fence. Next, you’er going to need to figure out how your fence posts are attached to your..

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How to Tear Down an Old Wooden Fence

Old Wooden Fence

Is the old wooden fence on your property starting to sag and lean? There are ways to fix a leaning fence, but sometimes that old wooden fence just has to come down. The fence may have become a safety hazard. Or you may just want to put up a new fence now. Either way, that fence has to come down. First, you need to start by ascertaining who actually owns the fence. You don’t want to start a tear-down project only to find out later that the fence belonged to your neighbor! Break..

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