How to Keep Your Horses from Chewing Up Pasture Fencing


We build a lot of horse fences for our customers. We use high quality, good, thick, durable wood. But the wood of our fences does have one natural enemy that can greatly reduce the lifespan and effectiveness of even our fences. The horse himself! Some horses just absolutely love to chew wood. And since you’re making this investment to protect your horses we wanted to take a moment to talk about ways to solve this common problem. Add Metal Fence Caps The fence post is the part of the fence that horses have the easiest time reaching. Often, you can..

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How to Maintain an Aluminum Fence


Many of our customers choose aluminum fences because they’re beautiful, durable, and require very little maintenance. But as we like to tell our customers, “low maintenance does not mean no maintenance, and aluminum fences do require just a little bit of care. Maintenance for an aluminum fence usually just means keeping it clean and keeping it clear, however. Keeping it Clean All of our aluminum fences come with a powder gloss finish that is very effective at protecting your fence from rust, UV rays, and even air. All of these can be oxidizing forces on aluminum. When aluminum oxidizes it..

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Watch Out for Dame’s Rocket

Dames Rocket Flower

Sometimes, an invasive species looks ugly. The gypsy moth is a pretty good example–it just doesn’t look like anything you’d want in your yard. However, there are some very beautiful invasive species varieties that we still have to watch out for. Dame’s Rocket is one of these beautiful invaders. As you see in our photo, Dame’s Rocket produces very pleasant pink flowers. There are also purple and white varieties. In fact, they are so pretty that some people actually purchase them and use them on purpose. Some nurseries–usually those found at big box stores–still sell them as run-of-the-mill perennials. Sometimes..

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