Will You Be Ready When Scammers Knock on Your Door?

Contractor scams

In a previous post we gave you some pointers for spotting a fencing scam. Today, we’re just going to remind you to brush up on those pointers, and to do your homework when you hire anyone to do any kind of work on your home. Some recent stories from right here in the state of Wisconsin say that there are still plenty of people out there who will happily cheat anyone they can. Even hiring a preacher might not help you. Though this guy may just be really bad at his job, he nevertheless has left..

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Should You Remove Your Own Fence?

old fence

Technically, removing a fence isn’t really that hard. You can use a hammer to pull the boards off the rails. Then, the posts need to be dug up and removed. Sounds like something any child can do, right? Not so fast. Remember that the posts are usually mounted with concrete and gravel. You need specialized equipment to remove them. It’s not something you’re going to want to do with a sledgehammer. In fact, you can hurt yourself in the attempt. Even professionals get hurt while doing this type of work sometimes. If you’re going to get a new..

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Are Fences Covered By Homeowner’s Insurance?

Homeowner's Insurance

A fence is a big investment, so it’s natural to wonder if homeowner’s insurance will step in should something happen to it. We thought we’d take a moment to talk about that. Here’s the short answer: yes…if you have the right coverage. Fortunately, the coverage type you need is pretty common. It’s called “other structures” coverage, and it’s the same coverage that protects, say, your garage. Take out your policy and have a look at what it says. If “other structures coverage” is missing then call your insurance agent to get it added. Insurance will not cover everything that could..

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