Glorious Garden Gates

Here we are, hard at work building a glorious garden gate and pergola at a Milwaukee metro home.

Your garden gate or fence gate can be so much more than a functional portal designed to let you move in and out of your yard. It can be a statement of your individuality, too. Garden gates can bring a touch of magic to your home. They can also create a psychological transition between the hustle and bustle of the outside world and your own private backyard hideaway. This healthy transition can help you reduce stress. A divider between your world, and everything else. These transition points can be even more dramatic..

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Community Event: “Birding Beyond the Feeder”

If you love birds and want to learn more about them you might enjoy this 3 hour class. The Wehr Nature Center is holding “Birding Beyond the Feeder” on Saturday, September 20th. In a previous post we’d mentioned that three of our service area cities have been designated as “Bird City USA” honorees, so this class seems like it’s going to be pretty cool for a lot of different people. The class will discuss “some of the mysteries, misconceptions, and theories of migration.” The class itself doesn’t start until 9:00..

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One Simple Way to Decide What Kind of Fence to Add to Your Lawn


There are a lot of different fence types, and some of our customers get caught up in “analysis paralysis” when attempting to decide which fence to install on their properties. Of course, there are plenty of different variables that will go into this decision, such as your budget, or the way that you plan to use your fence. But there’s another variable that you should be taking into consideration. In fact, this one variable may even matter more than all the others. Look around your neighborhood. What kinds of fences..

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