May 17th: Master Gardener Perennial Sale

Did you need a good reason to stop by the Wisconsin State Fair this year? Yes? Great, because the Master Gardeners of the Milwaukee County Extension are going to give you one. They’ll be holding a huge perennial sale at the DNR tent from 8:00 AM to 1:30 PM on May 17th. Mark your calenders, because this event is about much more than buying flowers. It’s also about getting the chance to speak with the Master Gardeners themselves. You’ll get the chance to ask lots of questions about how to help your purchases thrive. And while that clerk at your..

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3 Garden Gadgets and Apps for Folks with Brown Thumbs

Wilted Pot Plant

Most homeowners really want a beautiful landscape. But some people are too busy or too forgetful to really care for those plants as one should. Technology to the rescue! There are now several “smart” gadgets which will help you keep your garden in good shape. 1. The Droplet Sprinkler This gadget is already hot, and it hasn’t even left the pre-order stage yet. It’s a robot which understands what needs to be watered in your yard…and what doesn’t. You tell it what’s in your yard and where it is. It gathers weather data from the Internet so it..

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5 Things You Should Know About Vinyl Fences


So you’ve decided that a vinyl fence is the best choice for your yard. Great! They can be wonderful maintenance-free options for your home. However, there are things you should know before you just run out and make a purchase. If you don’t take these 5 things into account you may well end up incredibly disappointed and unhappy with your vinyl fence. 1. Not All Vinyl is Created Equal There are two basic types of vinyl. There is the incredibly cheap, low-quality stuff that’s sold at big box stores. That type of vinyl dents easily and does not hold up..

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