Are You Giving Your Outdoor Furniture Enough Winter Protection?

outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture is often advertised as something which can withstand all-weather conditions. However, our harsh Milwaukee metro area winters can really do a number on all kinds of outdoor furniture. Of course, much depends on the type of outdoor furniture that you have. For example, Polywood furniture can withstand the snow just fine, and doesn’t really need any special attention. Resin wicker furniture can take the snow with the help of heavy duty mildew-resistant outdoor furniture covers. Other furniture types may just need to come inside. Plastic can..

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Can You Heat a Gazebo in Winter?


This is a question that actually seems to come up a lot. A lot of our customers really enjoy their gazebos, and they want to be able to enjoy them in winter too. After all, the wind chill isn’t always below zero, and the snow isn’t always unbearable. We can definitely understand the desire to get outdoors in front of a fire in your favorite outdoor space. The thing is, it’s not a good idea. Even a small fire pit with a screen presents complications. There’s nowhere safe for the smoke to go, especially if your gazebo is enclosed. You’re..

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The Easy Way to Hang Lights On Your Fence

Christmas Lights

A lot of people are going to be hanging their holiday decorations soon. There are definitely easy ways to do this and hard ways to do this. When it comes to your fences, adding fence clips definitely counts as “the easy way.” Using staple guns or tape is more like the hard way–and some of those methods can be dangerous to boot. Just imagine running a metal staple through your wires on accident. Take a look at this video from The Christmas Light Source. It will show you how light clips work. The video mostly focuses on the roof, but..

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