Boerner Botanical Gardens Hosts Winterfest

Looking for something to do this weekend? You might check out Boerner Botanical Gardens on January 25th, because there’s a lot going on at Winterfest. Winterfest lasts from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. First, there is a guided winter nature walk. This is a great choice if you’ve been feeling cooped up indoors all winter long. It’s also a great choice if you’d like to sneak in some winter birding. The Betty Brim Children’s Museum will also host a special crafts station for the kids. There’s going to be plenty of food, too. Hot dogs, chili, chips, and hot drinks..

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How to Care for Trees After an Ice Storm

Broken-down Trees

We’ve already had some nasty weather here in Wisconsin this winter. So we thought we’d take a few moments to discuss what all of this ice and snow could be doing to your trees. The primary danger is that your trees will see severely broken branches after a storm. Smaller trees can also be uprooted. This is worth watching out for because damaged trees can be dangerous to keep around. Major tree damage is also pretty expensive to repair, so if you can catch it while it’s fairly minor you can save yourself some time and money. Assess After Every..

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Understanding “Checking” in Northern White Cedar

Checked Cedar

If you have a wooden fence it’s important to understand the wood that was used in the construction of the fence. This will help you do a better job of caring for your fence, and it will give you an idea of what to expect from it. We, of course, use northern white cedar for all of our wooden fences. We’ve already taken a moment to discuss how cedar weathers to a silvery grey color if you don’t take the time to weatherproof it with

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