How to Water Your Yard the Right Way

water lawn

By now, you’ve likely heard a lot of rules for how to water your yard. Water only in the early mornings or evenings to prevent burning your grass. Don’t use sprinklers because more water ends up evaporating than in your soil. So on and so forth. But how much of that is actually true? What’s fact and what’s myth? Here’s what you need to know to keep your lawn healthy and green to beat the heat. Water More Deeply but Less Frequently To promote a deeper root growth for your lawn, you need to make sure your lawn receives about..

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How to Keep Climbing Vines from Destroying Your Wooden Fence

Climbing vines fence

There are few things more idyllic and more beautiful to look at than a house, a fence, or a trellis covered with dark, green, leafy vines. But did you know that these plants can severely damage your property? Making the wrong selection on the type of vine that you plant around your wooden fence can have severe consequences, causing damage to the structure that will cost time and money to repair or replace. It may look good for awhile, but it’ll be ugly when you pull away the vines to find that your fence has rotted. How can you prevent..

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How to Create a Dog-Friendly Landscape


You love your beautiful yard, and you love your awesome dog. Unfortunately, the two of them don’t seem to mix so well sometimes. Dogs can fill a beautiful lawn with waste, dig up holes, eat valuable plants, and run off to chase the neighbor’s cats. It’s enough to make some dog owners throw up their hands and elect to keep Fido inside unless he’s own his leash. Fortunately, you can design your landscape to work around this problem. The key is to design a landscape that works for you and for your dog. Create a Designated Potty Area Nothing destroys..

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