It’s Time for Some Fall Bulb Planting


Are you hoping for some beautiful flowers come spring time? If so, now’s the time to plant some bulbs! While you can technically plant your fall bulbs up until the first freeze, the earlier you get them into the ground, the better. More time in the soil allows the bulb to develop a better root structure, which will result in prettier and bigger blooms come the spring. Some popular choices are daffodils, crocus, tulips, alliums and hyacinths, which grow pretty well up here in our Milwaukee, WI metro area climate. Don’t forget to consider planting some garlic too if you..

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Three Ways to Use Autumn Leaves

Colorful background of fallen autumn leaves

Colorful background of fallen autumn leavesUp here in Wisconsin, we’re blessed with a rich burst of color when autumn rolls around. There’s nothing lovelier than the blends of reds, yellows and oranges from the maples, oaks and birches. In fact, if you’re interested in taking a drive through our lovely state to take in autumn’s best, peak color is estimated for the third week of October, according to Travel Wisconsin. Meanwhile, there are all of the leaves in your yard to deal with. We’ve come up with three great ways to recycle those leaves, resulting in a healthier..

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Ideas for Outdoor Autumn Decorating


Autumn is officially upon us! The leaves are turning, and it’s time to bring the jackets out of the storage closets. It won’t be long now before we hit the peak of fall coloration up here in Wisconsin. To celebrate, we’re going to present you with some fantastic ideas for decorating your yard or garden. These little touches will look great all through the harvest season, into Halloween and Thanksgiving! Pumpkins Pumpkins Pumpkins Nothing says autumn quite like a pumpkin. You can give your front or back yard a burst of bright, orange color with the real thing, purchased from..

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