How to Spot a Fencing Scam

Engineer Woman Over White Background

Here at A1 Fence we’d love to be able to tell you that everyone who claims to be a fence contractor is really just a stand-up individual, ready to earn your business and complete fairly. If only. We want to protect our friends and neighbors in Fox Point, Mequon, and the rest of the Milwaukee metro area. That’s why we want to take a few moments to show you what you need to watch out for. Bad Sign #1: The Lowest Price in Town! At A1 Fence we believe “the sting of low quality outlives the joy of low cost.”..

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How to Remove Rust Stains from a Cedar Fence

Rusty Fence

One of the guests who came over to comment on the post, “Should I Paint or Stain My Wooden Fence?” noted she’d put in a DIY fence some time ago. Unfortunately, she’d used nails which had bled unsightly rust stains into the wood of her beautiful new fence. This is an upsetting situation, and more common than you might imagine. What do rust stains look like? Rust stains are usually these black bleeds which start spreading out through the wood around their point of origin. This is generally going to be..

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Can You Actually Get a Fence Into this Yard?


Our customers are often a little bit dubious about whether or not their yards are suitable for fences. These are people with uneven property lines, hills, slopes, and other challenges which make it difficult to build a fence which marches in a straight line. We’ve got good news for folks with lumpy, bumpy, and generally challenging yards. You absolutely can have a fence. You just need a custom fence contractor to install it for you. We’ve done all sorts of creative things which look great and suit the yard you have. We’re adept at matching fence lines to uneven property..

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