Your Fence Building Checklist


Building a fence isn’t like making other improvements on your property. You can paint a living room, fix your plumbing, and swap out your appliances without consulting anyone else, but fences impact the entire community. If you don’t talk to the right people before you get started you may find yourself having to rip out your fence before you begin. That’s why we wanted to put together this handy checklist, so you’d know exactly what to do. 1. Talk to your neighbor. Why would your neighbor get to weigh in on YOUR new fence? First, you both need to agree..

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How to Keep Your Gazebo Warm in Winter

Winter Gazebo

Once upon a time, we discussed why you should avoid bringing a fire pit into your gazebo. But as it turns out, there are some other ways to tackle the problem of heating your gazebo in winter. And since we also think it would be incredibly awesome to sit cuddled up in a winter gazebo all warm and toasty while enjoying a beautiful winter wonderland, we decided to investigate and make sure you knew all about these methods, too. Start with low-tech methods. Add heavy gazebo curtains or sun shades and draw them down. You don’t necessarily want..

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How to Decorate Your Pergola for the Holidays

Holiday Lights

Your pergola is a perfect place for some seriously festive holiday lighting. Here are a few tips for getting a great look, as well as for getting the job done safely. Choose your lights. You can choose cheap Christmas lights with thin strands, but you don’t have to. Patio lighting looks amazing all year. Choose heavy-duty lights meant to withstand the elements. You can simply switch from colored holiday bulbs to clear white bulbs after the season is over. Or go bold with blue or gold lights, which look Christmas-y at Christmas but which just look cool any other day..

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