It’s Time to Plant Your Bulbs


Bulbs have to go in the ground before it freezes, and November is the best time to make that happen. With “polar vortex” predictions coming down the wire every now and then it might be best to do this sooner rather than later. Here are a few tips to make sure your bulbs get off to a great start. Look for good drainage. You need a place where the soil drains particularly well. You don’t want to drown your bulbs. If you’re not sure about drainage, just avoid the places in your yard where you tend to get puddles after..

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Caring for Evergreens in November


Evergreens are a lovely part of your winter landscape. They also help you combat road noise all year long. However, evergreens do need a little bit of TLC if they’re going to make it through the winter. That’s why you need to add evergreen care to your list of November landscaping projects. November Watering It’s a good idea to water the soil around your evergreens from now until the ground freezes. This..

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November Doesn’t Put an End to Yard Work


You may think that the coming of November means that you can quit paying attention to your lawn and landscape for awhile. Surely all that mulching you did last month was the end of it, right? Actually, your yard can still use some TLC. First, there’s all the raking you’ll need to do. Chances are you’re still getting plenty of leaves on the ground, and you can’t leave them there if you want a lush, beautiful lawn in the spring. Sure, the leaves will decompose, but not in a way that helps your grass. You’ll just smother it–and trap..

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