5 Ways People Mess Up Their Wooden Fences

Wooden Fence

As fence contractors in the Milwaukee metro area we see a lot of bad fences. We especially see a lot of bad wooden fences, since they do require more maintenance than any other fence type. We want you to enjoy a fence that looks really nice. After all, the appearance of your fence can make or break the appearance of your landscape. So we’re going to share these mistakes with you in the hopes that you don’t repeat them. 1. They don’t clean their fences. Mold and mildew can really screw up your wooden fence if you don’t get in..

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August is the Month for Addressing Unhappy Lawns

Sowing grass

Has your lawn become a mess of bare patches and brown spots over the course of the summer? You can fix this, but only if you act now: August is the best month for lawn renovation. Lawn renovation in August gives your lawn time to take and will help ensure a nice, beautiful lawn. You’ll need to start by figuring out the source of your problem. Grubs are a common lawn killer here in the Milwaukee metro area. You’ll need to get a grub control product down before you do anything else. This handy guide from the Milwaukee..

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4 Things You Should Know About Building a Fence in Milwaukee


Building a fence isn’t as simple as making a decision to build a fence. Every community has its own laws and ordinances which govern fence building. Today we wanted to turn our attention to fences in Milwaukee. These rules are specific to the city, though you’ll find similar ones in places like Whitefish Bay or Menomonee Falls. 1. A Survey Prevents Headaches The last thing you want to do is build a fence on someone else’s property. Even building a fence right on your property line can cause problems, because you end up giving half of..

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